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Official DCB World Whitepaper

We are Dot Com Billionaires.

In a traditional world, you purchase your ticket and lose it. DCB World is different, you mint your NFT ticket and you keep it for life - it’s your lifetime investment, designed by the legendary artist Romero Britto. This ticket will get you access to all utilities offered at DCB World. We are all here to create a different world. Join us and be part of the DCB community.

DCB World's Mission
Curated NFT collections that incorporate our passion for art and gaming while giving owners unmatched, high and big utility.
DCB World's Vision
We are all here to create a different world.
We believe in a future where prize games become fully decentralized, automated, entertaining, and controlled by the community via a DAO, with minimal oversight and management from the core team.
We believe in a circular business model that empowers and rewards our collectors and gives them economic opportunities . Most of all, we aim to build functionalities for the NFTs associated with the platform in concurrence with the community. Our aim is to give back to our community by rewarding through all utilities offered at DCB.
We are Dot Com Billionaires!
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